I started my love of photography as a teenager. With my first job at the mall I saved all of my paychecks up to buy a 35mm camera. My dad taught me the basics and I took off from there. That camera saw me through my teens and college years and on into adult life. In fact, I shot with that same camera for 17 years. I always had a love of shooting, mostly architecture and nature. This completely thrilled my architect husband!

But my focus took a strong shift when our son, Campbell, was born in 2003. I started shooting portraits more and more...just couldn't get enough! Soon friends and family were encouraging me to pursue photography more seriously. And so began my mad craving for every bit of education I could get my hands on. I studied books and online, attended conferences, and above all... shot, shot shot! When I was truly ready in 2005, I founded Tracy Allyn Photography.

Today Tracy Allyn Photography is a boutique studio offering contemporary portraits and lifestyle photography in the Dallas area. I love to photograph children, seniors, families, maternity, newborns & relationships between couples. My flair for on location sessions with natural light and my love of the beauty of both urban and natural surroundings is a perfect fit for my style, which has been described as crisp, clean, and colorful.